If you have concerns about your therapy, please try speaking to your therapist first to try to sort out the issue directly with them.

If you feel you can’t speak to your therapist, you can talk to our Get help with counselling concerns service. They can answer any questions you may have and offer guidance on what to do next.

You’ll need to tell us how you have tried to resolve the issue, or explain why this has not been possible, when you make your complaint.

If your therapist works for a BACP organisational member, you should complain through their internal complaints procedures. Contact your counselling service provider for details.

To make a formal complaint

Please check that we can deal with your complaint under our professional conduct procedure.

Then put your complaint in writing. You can complete our complaint form, or just use it as a guide to ensure you include all the necessary information. 

Send your complaint by post to BACP House, Unit 15, St. John’s Business Park, Lutterworth, LE17 4HB, or email it to professional_conduct@bacp.co.uk.

If you need help filling in the form, or if you have any problems in making your complaint in writing, please call us on 01455 883300.

What happens next

We'll contact you to confirm we've received your complaint and will talk you through any further information we need.

We will then start the professional conduct procedure

Help with your complaint

We can support you with your complaint and throughout the process.

We can offer:

  • help and information about what to include in a complaint
  • support or signposting to a service that can help you with writing a complaint
  • to talk you through the process, answer questions about how we are dealing with your complaint and advise on its progress
  • emotional support and signposting through our Get help with counselling concerns service
  • reasonable adjustments to help you take part in a hearing
  • guidance documents that explain each stage of the process in more detail
  • someone to accompany and support you if your complaint goes to a hearing

Please contact us to discuss these or any other support you require. Call us on 01455 883300 or email professional_conduct@bacp.co.uk.