Publication policy

For information on when and why we publish notices, see

Professional Conduct publication policy

Consensual disposal notices

These relate to complaints where, with due regard for public protection, we have agreed with the member that the complaint can be resolved without the need for a Professional Conduct Panel (PCP) hearing. These notices stay on the website for a minimum of two months, unless replaced by a withdrawal of membership or sanction compliance notice.

June 2020: Justin Marsh, Reference no 00696143

June 2020: Allan Gois, Reference no 00655550

June 2020: Jackie Morley, Reference no 00901794

June 2020: Simone Gridelli, Reference no 00584123



Sanction compliance notices

These relate to members who have fulfilled the requirements of the sanction imposed upon them to the satisfaction of the sanctions panel. These notices will remain on the website for a minimum of two months. 

August 2020: Timothy Almy, Reference no 659788

June 2020: The Leicester Counselling Centre, Reference no 00100244



Readmission to membership or registration notices

These relate to members who have previously had their membership or registration withdrawn but have now been readmitted. These will remain on the website for a minimum of two months.



Withdrawal of membership or registration notices

These relate to members who have had their membership withdrawn as a result of serious misconduct or malpractice, or for failure to comply with the Professional Conduct Procedure. These notices will remain on the website for five years unless the member successfully re-enters membership or registration following vetting.

2019 notices

November 2019 : Elizabeth Farrow, Reference no 547946

October 2019 : Christine Scott, Reference no 91434

September 2019 :  Victoria Jagne, Reference no 771982

September 2019 : Graham Hackney, Reference no 758286

June 2019 : Steven Mallett, Reference no 817284

June 2019 : Joanna Orsman, Reference no 11967

February 2019 : Sarah Mills, Reference no 745347, Herefordshire

January 2019: Khalida Sheikh, Reference No 541774 

2018 notices

December 2018: Jameel Abbas, Reference no 719961

December 2018: Pamela McMaster, Reference no 814915

October 2018: Julie Pitman, Reference no 821441

September 2018: Joyce Holmes, Reference no 555677

July 2018: Paula Jessop, Reference no 524169

May 2018: Gary Cross, Reference no 589383

March 2018: Joanna Dzierzek, Reference no 773519

March 2018: Susan Rankin, Reference no 534535

2017 notices

July 2017: Caroline Watson, Reference no 621978

May 2017: Adrian Easton, Reference no 684201

April 2017: Susan Atkin, Reference no 562259

March 2017: Michael Nokes, Reference no 588925

March 2017: Gillian Collins, Reference no 521688

February 2017: Robert Goodman, Reference no 726927

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