Publication policy

For information on when and why we publish notices, see

Professional Conduct publication policy

Hearing findings, decision and sanction notices

These provide details of the complaint, the panel’s findings and decision, and any sanctions imposed upon the member. These notices will remain on the website for a minimum of two months, unless replaced by a withdrawal of membership or registration notice.

We may have more than one member with the same name, so it's important to check the membership number. We’ll also include a geographical location to help identify them.  

May 2022: Adrian Bonell Reference No: 00609678

April 2022: Debra Gledhill, Reference No 00703737

April 2022: Jennifer Lillie, Reference No 00705942

April 2022: Lavinia Grace Dawson, Reference No 640289

March 2022: Sharon Sheriff, Reference No 00535913

January 2022: Holly Simmonds, Reference No 00756856

January 2022: Janice Thomson, Reference No 00677052

January 2022: Annie Cygler, Reference No 00524285

December 2021: Jenny Harris, Reference No 00516269

November 2021: Daniel Welsh, Reference No 00808922

November 2021: David McAvoy, Reference No 00632498​

November 2021: Tristan LeMasson Bangard, Reference No 0076104

August 2019:  Mandy Brewster, Reference no 589462

July 2019:  Karl Pegg, Reference number 691096

April 2019:  Maureen Davies, Reference no 4490

February 2019:  Sally Anne Jones, Reference no 824637

January 2019: Alison Harris, Reference no 534637

January 2019: Michael Huxley, Reference no 523884

June 2018: Lindsey Stewart, Reference no 564832

October 2017: Theresa Jacobs, Reference no 552348

May 2017: Ian Herron, Reference no 778540

February 2017: Asher Quinn, Reference no 576066

October 2016: Gillian Collins, Reference no 521688

August 2016: Anthony Martin, Reference no 544423

Consensual disposal notices

These relate to complaints where, with due regard for public protection, we have agreed with the member that the complaint can be resolved without the need for a Professional Conduct Panel (PCP) hearing. These notices stay on the website for a minimum of two months, unless replaced by a withdrawal of membership or sanction compliance notice.

May 2022: Su Stokes, Reference No 00544404

May 2022: John Campbell, Reference No 00628258

April 2022: Jayne Myers, Reference No 00732587


Readmission to membership or registration notices

These relate to members who have previously had their membership or registration withdrawn but have now been readmitted. These will remain on the website for a minimum of two months.