Our vision and mission

Established in 2010, BACP Coaching promotes ethical, effective and professional coaching for the wellbeing and enhancement of individuals and organisations. Specifically, we aim to be:

  • transparent and consultative
  • generative and innovative
  • inclusive and collaborative
  • responsive and supportive
  • good value for money and financially viable 

Our strategic purpose - January 2022

UK businesses and communities have identified a need for support in facilitating enhanced mental wellbeing combined with positive action and sustainable change, for individuals and groups within the workplace and society.

Our purpose

To demonstrate and support the unique and vital contribution dual-trained practitioners can make to UK society by:


Developing a centre of excellence for therapeutic coaching and growing our divisional membership through:

  • seeking and supporting further evolving research
  • identifying competencies
  • enhancing employability


Integrating with and contributing to the central and divisional BACP mission through:

  • clear, regular, board level communication
  • networking and events
  • articulating alignment of strategic purpose


Raising our profile through collaborating with aligned external organisations through: 

  • identifying missions and projects with synergies
  • galvanizing appropriate support and funding

Our executive

Lucy Myers, Chair

Lucy Myers

Lucy is a qualified and experienced executive coach, systemic team coach, coaching supervisor and integrative psychotherapist (MA, PG Dip Psych). She works in private practice in psychotherapy and individual coaching relationships, and with clients and teams in organisations in the UK and across Europe. Lucy has a relational and systemic solutions-focused approach to coaching and has a  personal passion for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Before retraining in coaching and psychotherapy, Lucy held a range of senior leadership roles in a media career spanning global organisations including the BBC, Sony Television and Channel 5.

Having joined the Coaching Exec team in 2021, Lucy's original focus was on exploring the challenge of integrating therapy and coaching practices. This builds on her Master's research thesis which analysed how dual-trained practitioners experience their psychotherapeutic understanding and practice as influencing positive outcomes for coaching clients. Stepping up to Chair in February 2022, Lucy has been working closely with the talented and driven Exec team to define and articulate the Division's future strategic purpose.


Val Watson, Deputy Chair

Val Watson

Val is an independent counselling and psychotherapy practitioner, supervisor, coach, consultant and trainer. She has worked in education settings for over 30 years as a teacher, lecturer, coach and mentor and more recently as head of a university counselling service for students and staff. Her philosophy and practice are grounded in the person-centred approach and informed by trainings in group analysis and systemic practice.

Val has extensive voluntary work experience. She has a commitment to advocating for racial justice, equity and equality and an active interest in the arts, whole health practices and collaborative community work that can lead to social change. She has published chapters in edited texts on race and counsellor education.

As an Executive member, Val will take a special interest in coaching for social impact and the development of a coaching counsellor competency framework.

Ioannes Alexiades

Ioannes Alexiades

Ioannes came to counselling as a second career having spent over 20 years working as a consultant in the corporate sector. During this period he gained experience of mentoring others but it was his own personal experience of therapy which was transformational and ultimately allowed him to pursue a counselling career. Ioannes feels that he has reached a point in his life where his work and life experience have adequately equipped him with the skills and insight to focus his time and energy on helping others find their way in life.


Beverly Evans

Beverly Evans

Beverly has recently qualified as a coach with a Level 4 Diploma in Life Coaching, awarded by CPCAB. Her commercial background is in marketing, PR and project management within the music business and she is taking her coaching skills back into the music industry, particularly to support young women in this high pressure environment.

Over the last 20 years, Beverly has also used her marketing, PR and project management experience in the charity sector. Her keen interest in the natural world has led her to work for WSPA, Butterfly Conservation and A Rocha UK. Her joint passions for the eclectic mix of coaching, nature and music creates a unique blend of disciplines and allows her to work intuitively with a creative clientele.

Beverly is also in the final stages of studying a Level 4 Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling.

Yvonne Inglis

Yvonne Inglis

Yvonne is an executive coach qualified to ILM7 level and has more than 500 hours of executive coaching experience with clients in the UK, Europe and Asia. She is an in-house coach with InTouch Networks, which works with business leaders to accelerate growth, grow their network and transition into rewarding careers.

Yvonne is accredited at senior practitioner level with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and is member of the Association of Coaching. Together with her experience as an accredited psychotherapist with BACP, this brings a unique blend of personal skills, knowledge and insights to her clients.

As a psychotherapist Yvonne works in private practice and also as an associate counsellor with The Priory Group. She also facilitates Corporate Coach International coaching training programme with InTouch Networks which supports senior executives in career transition to become ILM7 qualified coaches.

Xeni Kontogianni

Xeni Kontogianni

Xeni is a qualified psychologist-psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist working with individuals and high-performing teams as a brain based coach. She works with organisations aiming to transform new leaders and shape more person-centred workplaces where mental health is de-stigmatised.

She also contributes to projects ranging from recruiting healthcare professionals to co-ordinating neuro-rehabilitation programmes. Influenced by cognitive behavioural approaches and applied neuroscience to human functioning, her main focus is on guiding clients in exploring how their beliefs are encoded in their minds, and on developing compassionate responses and coping methods to feel liberated and live a purposeful life.

Currently studying at the University of Amsterdam and participating in research leadership projects, she is committed to bridging the gap between academia and practice and applying modern scientific methodologies. As an Executive member, she will advocate and safeguard therapeutic coaching though social media in order to gain more visibility and engagement for various projects.

Karen Ledger

Karen Ledger

Karen is a leadership coach, therapist, expert witness and supervisor.  She is passionate about her relationships which are underpinned by the person-centred approach and influenced by Gestalt and the work of Irvin Yalom. Her coaching and organisational clients span the independent and public sectors within the UK, including the NHS and political sector. She has worked with a range of teams, including executive boards and senior management teams.

Her work focuses on building effective relationships and communication to achieve high performance. She has recently developed her practice to offer the option of working outdoors, using nature as an additional resource for her clients, coachees and supervisees. As well as delivering leadership workshops for a wide range of organisations, she has designed and facilitated workshops on diversity for staff working with dementia clients.

Karen will take a special focus on the Executive on supervision for coach-therapists.

Website: Kslconsulting.org.uk

Neresia Osbourne

Neresia Osbourne

Neresia has a degree in Counselling Psychology and is currently completing a PGDiP/MSc in Integrative Counselling and Coaching. She is a registered member of BACP, BPS and BABICM and works in counselling psychotherapy services.

Neresia has been Chair of a local authority special needs group, consulting with parents and liaising with senior staff on policies and procedures. As an affiliate member of Brain Injury and Case Management Services (BABICM), she incorporated her knowledge and years of experience into her work with families and professionals in the fields of childbirth and brain injury, mental health and behavioural science.

She also works in life coaching services for parents and carers of disabled children, young adults and babies. As an Executive member Neresia aims to bring the focus of coaching not just to individuals but also to companies and organisations that work with parents and carers of children with disabilities.

Website: endeavourlifecoaching.com

Joanne Wright

Joanne Wright

Joanne became a coach in 2009 initially to support leadership development programmes. She absolutely loved working with clients, but often felt they needed a bit more than she was able to offer. So, in 2011 she bravely left her job and started on the long journey of becoming a counsellor. She now combines her skills in the best way to suit the needs of the client and works mostly with organisations and individuals in the workplace.

Joanne began her career in the corporate world working in IT, project management, then heading up large training and organisational development departments. However, after becoming a Myers Briggs practitioner, she realised she was in the wrong work environment and found a more comfortable home in the NHS and charitable sectors. She now runs her own private practice supporting organisations and projects she feels passionate about.