The special interest group (SIG) in coaching supervision was initiated by the BACP Coaching executive on the basis of supervision being an important arena for coaches to both consider and experience.

BACP Coaching Chair Carolyn Mumby says: "One of the aims of our Strategic Plan for 2018 to 2020 was to commission a best practice guidance document for the supervision of therapists who coach, in line with the BACP Ethical Framework, to be included as a member resource on the BACP Coaching website. As part of this process, we are setting up a Special Interest Group to explore what supervisors of dual-trained practitioners are looking for."

The SIG has been running since January 2020 and we seek to explore, discuss and develop our understanding of coaching supervision. We need to ensure that dual practitioners have access to experienced supervisors who have understanding of therapy and coaching.

The group provides an opportunity and space for me to explore areas that we consider require attention and discussion. For example, the effect of the COVID pandemic on our lives, our supervisees’ lives and supervision practice, trauma in coaching and the numbers from the BME community in coaching. More general discussions also takes place in areas that are on our minds, such as what are the current challenges in coaching supervision? How might BACP better serve its dual practising coaching community? How do we integrate therapy and coaching for our clients?

We currently spend an hour on Zoom together every two months and our membership includes experienced practitioners who are extending our understanding of supervision practice and theory and practice.

We all know the importance of supervision, the need for reflection in our practice and how discussing and receiving feedback about our work with an experienced colleague can benefit the quality of our practice as coaches. I believe the need to examine our attitudes, values and behaviours is always present and supervision provides the necessary relationship and safety for this intricate and necessary work.

I really value working with practitioners and authors committed to relevant discussions about issues associated with supervision. This supports my continuing understanding of my practice as a dual practising supervisor and supervisee. Groups like the SIG can turbo charge my thinking and understanding of my work with supervisees. Sharing with others, whether it be recommendation of a good book or in-depth discussion, is fertile and rich ground from which to continue my professional and personal development.

I hope that in future, these discussions will lead to the best practice document that Carolyn refers to and articles on supervision in the Coaching Today journal.

I am in communication with other organisations such as the Association of Coaching and will hopefully collaborate in sharing our ideas, challenges and thoughts.

We would love to gain new coaching members who supervise and are willing to share their experiences and ideas on coaching and so please do get in touch if you interested. You can contact me at or call 07939 175225.

In the meantime I wish you a good start to 2021 and safety and good health.

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