Our vision

Workplace counselling and employee support provision benefit both the organisation and employees. Results are improved attendance, performance and working relationships and an emotional healthy workplace.

We campaign for high standards and best practice in workplace counselling and employee support provision. We achieve this by offering a forum for all professionals with an interest in employee support and psychological health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Our executive

Julie Hughes MBACP (Accred) - Chair

Julie is Senior Case Manager and counsellor at Mind Matters Counselling LLP. She was at the forefront of developing their UK-wide service which supports individual employees and the workforce as a whole, managing health and wellbeing to ensure an effective and motivated workplace.

Julie has counselling experience in schools, the NHS and the wider public sector. She has a special interest in trauma, particularly in workplace settings, and is responsible for providing psychological support when critical incidents occur in the workplace and for clients who experience more complex reactions to trauma. She is founder of the Trauma Networking (Northern) Group, which supports professionals in the region who are working with trauma.

Email: juliehughes@mindmatterscounselling.org.uk

Nicola Neath

Nicola is an accredited integrative psychotherapist and trainer, working in the Staff Counselling and Psychological Support Service at the University of Leeds. She has a small private practice, which is mainly for collaborative training. Nicola is passionate about bringing different psychological perspectives into practice in her training, psychotherapy and coaching work.

Email: n.e.neath@adm.leeds.ac.uk

Nick Wood

Nick heads up the counselling team at Gloucestershire County Council. He has a special interest in the positive impact counselling can have on managing staff absence and promoting employee engagement. Nick is also keen on promoting healthy workplace initiatives and has set up staff volunteer networks to encourage dignity at work and staff health and wellbeing. Nick is a regular contributor to Counselling at Work and is particularly interested in how counsellors can measure and publicise the impact of their work within organisations. He is always keen to meet other counsellors and share ideas and information.

Email: nick.wood@gloucestershire.gov.uk

Keith Baddeley

Keith is the clinical lead for the employee assistance programme (EAP) provided by Help EAP. He also has a private practice, working with couples, and is a supervisor, particularly interested in supporting counsellors with workplace issues and with their couple's work.

Keith is looking to develop more integrated working with counsellors, service providers and potential service users for workplace-based counselling services. He holds a diploma in hypnotherapy and is a graduate member of the BPS

Email: keith.baddeley@ohassist.com
Website: www.hypnoandcounselling.co.uk

Nicola Banning MBACP (Accred) - Editor of Counselling at Work

Nicola specialises in working with individuals and organisations. She has a background in broadcasting with the BBC in radio and TV production, and writes regularly for Counselling at Work and Therapy Today on counselling, mental health at work and the professional development of counsellors working in an organisational context. Nicola has a commitment to developing a wider understanding of the potential role that therapy and therapists can play, to support both employees and employers to become more emotionally and psychologically healthy.

Anne Scoging - MBACP (Snr Accred)

Anne is a counsellor and supervisor and is currently Head of Psychological Health for the London Fire Brigade’s (LFB) Counselling Service. Before this she was CEO of a North London Mind for nine years and had worked for Marie Curie Cancer Care, setting up nationwide bereavement services for children.

Since 2008 she has held clinical responsibility for LFB’s Counselling and Trauma Service (CTS) which provides counselling services for around 5,500 operational and support staff. CTS holds the remit both for the treatment of trauma related problems using trauma-focused, NICE recommended therapies and for preventative work, making proactive contact with operational staff following attendance at critical incidents. CTS was responsible for creating and implementing the LFB psychological support plan following the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Anne's role includes responsibility for feeding into the design and roll out of whole organisation strategies to support and improve the mental health of the LFB workforce.

Vianna Boring Renaud - MBACP

Vianna is a person-centred counsellor based in Poole Dorset. Originally from Northern California, she has worked extensively within secondary and university education settings in Northern Ireland, Hampshire and Dorset. Equally passionate about the impact of EAP counselling and the link between organisational culture and staff wellbeing, she is currently both a staff coach at Bournemouth University, and a Placement Development Advisor working with students during their year in industry.

Email: vianna_renaud@yahoo.com 

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