Our vision

Workplace counselling and employee support provision benefit both the organisation and employees. Results are improved attendance, performance and working relationships and an emotional healthy workplace.

We campaign for high standards and best practice in workplace counselling and employee support provision. We achieve this by offering a forum for all professionals with an interest in employee support and psychological health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Our executive

Julie Hughes

Julie Hughes MBACP (Accred) - Chair

Julie is Senior Case Manager and counsellor at Mind Matters Counselling LLP. She was at the forefront of developing their UK-wide service which supports individual employees and the workforce as a whole, managing health and wellbeing to ensure an effective and motivated workplace.

Julie has counselling experience in schools, the NHS and the wider public sector. She has a special interest in trauma, particularly in workplace settings, and is responsible for providing psychological support when critical incidents occur in the workplace and for clients who experience more complex reactions to trauma. She is founder of the Trauma Networking (Northern) Group, which supports professionals in the region who are working with trauma.

Email: juliehughes@mindmatterscounselling.org.uk

Josephine Bey

Josephine Bey

After enjoying many years as a Clinical Director of an EAP, Josephine now runs her own consultancy firm supporting businesses and organisations to improve employee engagement through sustainable mental health and inclusion strategies. Before retraining in psychotherapy, Josephine worked in the City of London - a time that has afforded her a well rounded view of what workplace wellbeing really looks like.

Today she works with clients and patients across a vast array of sectors and her experience includes NHS to Armed Forces and Prisons to Harley Street. Josephine is proud to have supported survivors and armed forces personnel following the Westminster Bridge attacks, Grenfell Tower fire, Manchester Arena bombing and coronavirus pandemic bereaved and key workers.

Vianna Boring Renaud

Vianna Boring - MBACP

Vianna is a person-centred counsellor based in Poole Dorset. Originally from Northern California, she has worked extensively within secondary and university education settings in Northern Ireland, Hampshire and Dorset. Equally passionate about the impact of EAP counselling and the link between organisational culture and staff wellbeing, she is currently both a staff coach at Bournemouth University, and a Placement Development Advisor working with students during their year in industry.

Email: vianna_renaud@yahoo.com 

Sue Christy

Sue Christy, MBACP (Accred)

Sue's main specialism is critical incident stress management (CISM) in the workplace - preparing for, responding to, and supporting after critical events.

She is passionate about helping organisations increase awareness and understanding of workplace critical incidents, particularly how the organisational response in the early hours, days and weeks following an event can make a huge difference and significantly reduce human suffering. She is also keen to help develop key competencies and best practice for organisations and individuals working in this field.

Sue is the psychological trauma and training lead for Gloucestershire County Council and Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Services. She also provides a critical incident response, consultancy and training service for organisations and EAPs across the UK and is a Kenyan International Disaster Response team member.

Denise Maley

Denise Ela Maley

Denise is a psychotherapist, organisational consultant and former HR Director in media, technology and professional services sectors. She is passionate about finding practical and effective ways to improve psychological health at work considering leadership, HR and employee needs and challenges.

She has a private practice, Seventh Wave Therapy Ltd, offering individual, couple therapy and organisational consulting services. She is also a leadership member and senior associate psychotherapist at the Health Matters Group, a multi-disciplinary clinic. She is leading the Corporate Matters service offering currently in development.

She also has particular interest and training in working with issues of relationships, food and eating. Within the field of work, she is interested in the body of the organisation and the systems within it.

Email: denise@seventhwavetherapy.com
Website: www.seventhwavetherapy.com

Claire McCluskey

Claire McCluskey MSc BA Relate Cert CC Systemic Practitioner

Claire has worked as a counsellor for over two decades- the first in Northern Ireland where she trained and worked as a Relate couples and family counsellor. She currently lives in North Wales, having worked in the local NHS as an occupational health counsellor and a primary care counsellor since 2009.

Claire has been working as an EAP counsellor since 2005 as part of her private practice work. She has worked with various organisations in North Wales providing counselling for workplace issues and has recently started working with PAM Wellbeing as a stepped care counsellor.

She's passionate about talking about workplace issues for clients counsellors and organisations, especially in the context of the physical, economic and psychological load due to the pandemic and remote working. Claire’s heart will always be in connection and relating – whether that’s in relationships, family, workplace teams or bigger systems and organisations. She believes wanting to be well and stay well in whatever the context is universal. 

Nicola Neath

Nicola Neath

Nicola is an accredited integrative psychotherapist and trainer, working in the Staff Counselling and Psychological Support Service at the University of Leeds. She has a small private practice, which is mainly for collaborative training. Nicola is passionate about bringing different psychological perspectives into practice in her training, psychotherapy and coaching work.

Email: n.e.neath@adm.leeds.ac.uk

Andy Price

Andy Price

Andy is an accredited integrative counsellor who co-manages a busy GP counselling service and who also works in the third sector providing free counselling to disadvantaged groups. He has a strong interest in the connection between personal distress and how society is organised. He has a particular professional interest in trauma and is an EMDR practitioner.

Andy came to counselling after 30 years’ service as an operational firefighter and a trade union official. He brings with him a wealth of experience in industrial relations and was a founding member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Union. He is a keen football supporter and proud to have been instrumental in helping his local club to become a fan owned community club.

Andy believes it is only through working collectively that we can we achieve goals that will improve society and personal wellbeing for all.

Nick Wood

Nick Wood

Nick heads up the counselling team at Gloucestershire County Council. He has a special interest in the positive impact counselling can have on managing staff absence and promoting employee engagement. Nick is also keen on promoting healthy workplace initiatives and has set up staff volunteer networks to encourage dignity at work and staff health and wellbeing. Nick is a regular contributor to BACP Workplace and is particularly interested in how counsellors can measure and publicise the impact of their work within organisations. He is always keen to meet other counsellors and share ideas and information.

Email: nick.wood@gloucestershire.gov.uk

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