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Ask the Executive
What do you call yourself? Do you use coach in your title?
Members of the BACP Coaching Executive answer another common question.

On the bookshelf
What you're reading: Julia Vaughan Smith Coaching and trauma: from surviving to thriving and Eric Maisel (Ed) Inside creativity coaching: 40 inspiring case studies from around the world.


Notice what is good and say it

Carolyn Mumby

"If we take time to appreciate, it creates the safety needed to find the courage to articulate differences of opinion..."

Message from the Chair, Carolyn Mumby

Leena's journey

Leena Seeward

" prepared to unlearn things you will have learnt in therapy..."

Meet the member, Leena Seward

Somatic coaching

Clare Myatt

"I knew instinctively that I’d found the missing piece"

Coaching in practice, Clare Myatt