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Open Access
Movies on the couch: The MOVIE model of film therapy
Jenny Hamilton
Pages: 385-389 | First Published: 10 May 2023

Integrated first‐level psychosocial response to disasters in low‐ and middle‐income countries
Sandra Thompson-Assan, Gloria Ayebea Aguadze, Derrick Kakraba Kaitoo
Pages: 390-395 | First Published: 05 June 2023


Open Access
Current ethical dilemmas experienced by therapists who use social media: A systematic review
Ella White, Terry Hanley
Pages: 396-418 | First Published: 10 July 2023

Open Access
School‐ and community‐based counselling services for children and young people aged 7–18 in the UK: A rapid review of effectiveness, implementation and acceptability
Lauren Copeland, Simone Willis, Gillian Hewitt, Amy Edwards, Siôn Jones, Nicholas Page, Simon Murphy, Rhiannon Evans
Pages: 419-458 | First Published: 20 August 2023

Open Access
Routine outcome monitoring (ROM) and feedback in university student counselling and mental health services: Considerations for practitioners and service leads
Michael Barkham, Emma Broglia, The SCORE Consortium
Pages: 459-471 | First Published: 22 September 2023

Exploring goal taxonomies using the goal‐based outcome tool in children and young people's mental health settings
Wing Chi Mok, Isabella Vainieri, Jenna Jacob
Pages: 472-490 | First Published: 18 September 2023


The psychometric properties and treatment outcomes associated with two measures of youth therapeutic alliance using naturalistic data
Daryl Mahon, Takuya Minami, (G. S.) Jeb Brown
Pages: 491-501 | First Published: 02 January 2024

Original articles 

Open Access
The efficacy of online jigsaw puzzling for mental well‐being in older adults: A pilot study
Karen R. Brandt, Milena Rota, Mick Cooper
Pages: 502-512 | First Published: 11 August 2023

Open Access
How can counselling training courses better prepare their trainee therapists to work with LGBTQ+ clients?
Michael Carrington, Michael Sims
Pages: 513-523 | First Published: 07 August 2023

Student therapists' experiences of learning using a machine client: A proof‐of‐concept exploration of an emotionally responsive interactive client (ERIC)
Julie Prescott, Lisa Ogilvie, Terry Hanley
Pages: 524-531 | First Published: 10 September 2023

I still haven't found what I'm looking for: Early relational–developmental deficits and the search for repair through the erotic
Nick Campion
Pages: 532-544 | First Published: 17 August 2023

Staying in my lane: An exploration of counsellors' and psychotherapists' understanding and use of nutrition in the therapy room
Jayne Leonard
Pages: 545-557 | First Published: 23 August 2023

Open Access
Ninety psychotherapy training programmes across the globe: Variations and commonalities in an international context
David E. Orlinsky, Irene Messina, Armin Hartmann, Ulrike Willutzki, Erkki Heinonen, Michael Helge Rønnestad, Henriette Löffler-Stastka, Thomas Schröder
Pages: 558-571 | First Published: 30 August 2023

Open Access
A psychological intervention based on cognitive‐behavioural therapy reduces psychopathological symptoms that indirectly influence the heart rate via cortisol in hypertensive patients: Preliminary results of a pilot study
Francesca Giordano, Sara Guidotti, Omar Carlo Gioacchino Gelo, Clemente Salerno, Carlo Pruneti
Pages: 572-581 | First Published: 29 August 2023

Open Access
Let me be me: Investigating transgender clients' experiences of their therapeutic relationship with their counsellor
Katie Schofield, Alan Dunnett, Lynne Gabriel
Pages: 582-590 | First Published: 04 September 2023

Open Access
Identifying points for therapeutic intervention from the lived experiences of people seeking help for retroactive jealousy
Robert Blayney, Mark Burgess
Pages: 591-599 | First Published: 26 September 2023

Comparison of data from six psychotherapy research measures obtained through MTurk versus traditional clinics
Kelley A. Russell, Joshua K. Swift, Jacob Bingham
Pages: 600-613 | First Published: 22 September 2023

A qualitative content analysis of ChatGPT's client simulation role‐play for practising counselling skills
Rakesh K. Maurya
Pages: 614-630 | First Published: 27 September 2023

Open Access
“Bridging the Gap”: A reflexive thematic analysis of the experiences of therapy trainees transitioning from psychodynamic counselling to cognitive behavioural therapy
Claire Ball, Sarah Corrie
Pages: 631-641 | First Published: 29 September 2023

Interoceptive awareness and therapist characteristics
Agustina Ovalle, Candice Fischer, Paula Dagnino, Stephanie Vaccarezza
Pages: 642-651 | First Published: 21 October 2023

Open Access
Dialectical behaviour therapy for men and boys: A systematic review
Samuel Holah, Nick Maguire, Alison Bennetts
Pages: 652-665 | First Published: 21 October 2023

Open Access
When the algorithm ‘matches’ us: The experiences of early‐career psychologists on online platform services for psychotherapy and counselling in Italy
Giorgia Margherita, Alessia Caffieri, Nadia De Maio
Pages: 666-680 | First Published: 10 October 2023

Inside the consulting room of a highly effective therapist: An analysis of first sessions
Sílvia Caçador, Daniel Sousa, Mick Cooper
Pages: 681-691 | First Published: 16 October 2023

Bibliometric study: Trends in multicultural counselling competence research in Indonesia, 2013–2022, and its implications
Masbahur Roziqi
Pages: 692-702 | First Published: 10 October 2023

Therapists' and counsellors' perceptions and experiences of offering online therapy during COVID‐19: A qualitative survey
Wayne Full, Andreas Vossler, Naomi Moller, Jo Pybis, Jeannette Roddy
Pages: 703-718 | First Published: 03 November 2023

Open Access
Psychotherapy students' experiences of supervisee‐centred supervision based on deliberate practice, feedback‐informed treatment and self‐compassion
Susanne Axelsson, Sara Kihlberg, Paul Davis, Markus B. T. Nyström
Pages: 719-733 | First Published: 07 November 2023

Open Access
Group psychotherapy format guided self‐help for patients with FNSD awaiting inpatient multidisciplinary treatment: A pilot study
Vasile Boico, Susan Humblestone, Michael Moutoussis, Caroline Selai
Pages: 734-745 | First Published: 22 October 2023

A constructive replication of client change during psychodynamic treatment in an outpatient setting
Peter J. Jankowski, Steven J. Sandage, Sarah A. Crabtree, Jesse Owen, George Stavros
Pages: 746-757 | First Published: 31 October 2023

Open Access
‘I guess the ending is the price you pay’. Working at relational depth in a seven‐session model: The impact of regular planned endings on counsellors
Liz Chambers, Andy Pendle
Pages: 758-767 | First Published: 30 October 2023

Small things—‘It felt like love’—The experience of being deeply moved in therapy: Clients' stories of the small things that matter in therapy
Kristyna Alessandrini
Pages: 768-781 | First Published: 27 November 2023

Narratives of personal and professional experiences of psychotherapists working with cases of child and adolescent sexual abuse: A qualitative longitudinal study
Estrella Azócar, Camila Gómez, Claudia Capella, Daniela Águila, Macarena Espeleta
Pages: 782-792 | First Published: 07 November 2023

Open Access
Interaction between multisensory information and emotional activation in video‐facilitated psychotherapy

Elisa Nordström, Sinikka Luutonen, Jenny Paananen, Tarja Koffert, Matti Keinänen, Karita Suomalainen, Jarmo Hietala
Pages: 793-804 | First Published: 11 November 2023

Open Access
‘It's all about rapport’: Australian therapists' recommendations for engaging adolescent males in counselling and psychotherapy
Micah Boerma, Nathan Beel, Carla Jeffries, Govind Krishnamoorthy
Pages: 805-817 | First Published: 04 November 2023

Open Access
Exploring the effects of written emotional disclosures (WED) on healthcare workers' (HCWs) mental health symptoms in the UK: A feasibility study
Amy Kilvington, Sarah Allen, Alex Kyriakopoulos
Pages: 818-828 | First Published: 27 November 2023

Open Access
Evaluating a helpline for post‐secondary students: Caller distress, ability to face concern and satisfaction with helpline
Madison Erbach, Evangeline Danseco, Valerie Schutte
Pages: 829-841 | First Published: 08 November 2023



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