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Latest issue - December 2020


Current challenges in student mental health and counselling provision: How practice‐based research can help demonstrate effectiveness
Géraldine Dufour

Special section - Children and young people

What issues bring primary school children to counselling? A service evaluation of presenting issues across 291 schools working with Place2Be
Katalin Toth, Lamiya Samad, Sarah Golden, Patrick Johnston, Rachel Hayes, Tamsin Ford

The role of presence when working with children and young people demonstrating harmful sexual behaviour
Melody Cranbourne‐Rosser, Miglena Campbell, Lesley Pilkington, Nikki Carthy

Resilience to reoffending: Practice considerations for psychological therapies supporting young men to overcome adversity
Claire Stubbs, Angie Hart

Beginning counsellors’ experiences working with children who exhibit externalised behaviours
Jessie D Guest, Brooke C Wymer, Jennifer D Deaton, Christopher J Hipp, Therese L Newton, Jonathan H Ohrt

Exploring counselling outcomes in New Zealand schools
Robert Manthei, Bryan F Tuck, Alastair Crocket, Brent Gardiner, Margaret N Agee

Feasibility of group theraplay with refugee children in Turkey
Seyda Eruyar, Panos Vostanis

Fast Feet Forward: Sports training and running practice to reduce stress and increase positive cognitions in unaccompanied asylum‐seeking minors
Dr Ana Draper, Elisa Marcellino, Comfort Ogbonnaya

Open access
Exploring harm in psychotherapy: Perspectives of clinicians working with children and young people
Barbara Castro Batic, Dan Hayes

Is person‐centred counselling effective when assisting young people who have experienced bullying in schools?
Callum Jones

Review article

What claims are made about clients and therapists’ experiences of psychotherapy environments in empirical research? A systematic mixed‐studies review and narrative synthesis
Tara Morrey, Michael Larkin, Alison Rolfe

Original articles

‘Momma bear wants to protect’: Vicarious parenting in practitioners working with disturbed and traumatised children
Alison Fixsen, Damien Ridge, Carys Evans

Open access
Complex individual pathways or standard tracks? A data‐based discussion on the trajectories of change in psychotherapy
Günter Schiepek, Omar Gelo, Kathrin Viol, Leonhard Kratzer, Franco Orsucci, Giulio de Felice, Barbara Stöger‐Schmidinger, Isa Sammet, Wolfgang Aichhorn, Helmut Schöller

Alexithymia and change process: Contributions of a phase model
Ana Nunes da Silva, António Branco Vasco, Jeanne C Watson

Reading and writing for well‐being: A qualitative exploration of the therapeutic experience of older adult participants in a bibliotherapy and creative writing group
Brianna O Malyn, Zoe Thomas, Christine E Ramsey‐Wade

Brief research report

Developing the competent psychiatric psychotherapist: A single‐site, retrospective study
Matthew Morrissette, William Fleisher, Polina Anang, Michael Harrington

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