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On the couch
Interview with Maddie Nixon

News update
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Reviews of 999: My life on the frontline of the ambulance service, Making sense and Why don't I feel good enough?: Using attachment theory to find a solution 


A fond farewell

Satinder Panesar

"... instead of ranting from the sidelines, I decided to get involved and try to make a difference"

Chair's report, Satinder Panesar

Get involved

Matthew Smith-Lilley

"... a fantastic opportunity to give your views on how counselling and psychotherapy fit within the NHS"

Campaign trail, Matthew Smith-Lilley

Boundaries and self-care

Judy Stafford

"Boundaries shouldn't be endlessly flexible..."

Viewpoint, Judy Stafford


Elaine Davies

"Giving and receiving feedback is a delicate skill"

From the frontline, Elaine Davies

Working with BAME communities

Vicki Palmer

"... well-established psycho-education courses in IAPT delivery needed to be modified to make the material relevant..."

Third person, Vicki Palmer