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In touch with your BACP
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On the couch
Interview with Deanne Jade

Featuring The Curiosity Drive by Philip Stokoe and Gender Dysphoria by Susan Evans and Marcus Evans


Learning from each other

'It helps to be in connection with colleagues.'

Chair's report, Angela Clarke

Pilot training programme

Matthew Smith-Lilley

'Students on the course will earn a salary while training.'

Campaign trail, Matthew Smith-Lilley

Is our creative capacity being stymied?

Judy Stafford

'Can we integrate the positive lessons we’ve learned?'

Viewpoint, Judy Stafford

Reflections about race

Dawn Estefan

'If you don’t see my colour, you don’t see me'

From the frontline, Dawn Estefan

'There needs to be room for both paid and voluntary work'

Third person, Toby Sweet