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Featuring 18 wellbeing hacks for students: using psychology’s secrets to survive and thrive by Aidan Harvey-Craig and Other tongues: psychological therapies in a multilingual world by Beverley Costa 


Starting to emerge

Mark Fudge

"...we will have experienced a year of disruption, adaptation, negotiation and loss"

Notes from the Chair, Mark Fudge

Brave New World

Mary Jones

"...this experience may have enriched and broadened our profession in ways that few, if any, of us could have imagined"

Notes from Colleges, Mary Jones

Anne Bentley

"Our students, like us, are living through the same sense of time and timelessness with dread, anxiety, denial and fear"

Notes from HUCS, Anne Bentley

SCORE update

Afra Turner

"...the first phase of the project, reporting on the feasibility of pooling outcome data from the original participating counselling services, is currently in press"

Notes from research SIG, Afra Turner