Mark Fudge

"...the next few years for our profession will be influenced by the effects of the sacrifice, loss and adaptation that institutes, individuals and of course we ourselves have endured"

Notes from the Chair, Mark Fudge

Lost and found

Mary Jones

"We can still take time to pause, wonder and reflect on what makes us happy and content"

Notes from Colleges, Mary Jones

Cautiously optimistic

Yvonne McPartland

"The benefits of an embedded staff counselling provision cannot, in my view, be overstated and I am proud to be part of it"

Notes from staff counselling, Yvonne McPartland

Vicky Groves

"...many heads of services spoke of anxieties and the pressures on staff, students and senior management"

Notes from HUCS, Vicky Groves

Reflective spaces

Afra Turner

"Perhaps, one way to mark this anniversary is to record how we ... have experienced the change that has occurred in our work and to share the insights we have gained over the last two years...'

Notes from research SIG, Afra Turner