Transitional moves

Mark Fudge

"Students need to be able to feel a sense of containment, acceptance and belonging in order to learn about their own emotional strength, develop resilience and accept that the world"

Notes from the Chair, Mark Fudge

Staying grounded

Mary Jones

"Let’s be fully present about this: right here, right now, is what we have and what is"

Notes from Colleges, Mary Jones

Challenging times

Yvonne McPartland

"'We are now delivering therapy using a variety of media, tailored to both client and therapist needs and preferences"

Notes from staff counselling, Yvonne McPartland

Vicky Groves

"It was great to see so many familiar faces and some new ones too"

Notes from HUCS, Vicky Groves

Student mental health

Afra Turner

"...counselling services become stakeholders in empirical research and contribute again to the wellbeing of students and staff in their educational communities"

Notes from research SIG, Afra Turner