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Featuring Act for gender identity by Alex Stitt and Psychiatry and mental health by Rachel Freeth


Transformative and weird

Mark Fudge

"Lockdown will present many of our students with significant challenges, but also can teach resilience and develop inner resource."

Notes from the Chair, Mark Fudge

A whole new challenge

Allie Scott

"Get comfortable with the uncomfortable"

Notes from Colleges, Allie Scott

Pitching in

Anne Bentley

"The past few months have been exhilarating, anxiety-provoking and fast-paced"

Notes from HUCS, Anne Bentley

Resilience and resourcefulness

Afra Turner

"Throughout 50 years of BACP UC ... there has been considerable evidence of the profession’s ability to adapt to the demands of context-specific and wider sociocultural pressures"

Notes from research SIG, Afra Turner


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