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Featuring 'Confidentiality and record keeping in counselling and psychotherapy', B Mitchels and T Bond, and 'The power of music', R Kennedy.


Taking stock

Mark Fudge

"...I think we need to be proud of how we’ve adapted to supporting students and colleagues, but we also need to take stock of our experience, and regenerate..."

Notes from the Chair, Mark Fudge

Welcome back

Mary Jones

"Let’s hope we can put the events of 2020–2021 behind us and find new ways of moving forward"

Notes from Colleges, Mary Jones

Elation and concern

Yvonne McPartland

"The re-opening of society seems to have given rise to elation and concern in equal measure"

Notes from staff counselling, Yvonne McPartland

Anne Bentley

"So much of our work is about empowering students to become experts in what they need to feel better"

Notes from HUCS, Anne Bentley

The importance of listening

Afra Turner

"... a good therapeutic alliance – empathy and awareness, collaboration and responding to client preferences – are the building blocks..."

Notes from research SIG, Afra Turner