The Public Protection Committee holds delegated responsibility for developing our public protection strategy.

It will:

  • develop the BACP Register
  • develop our professional conduct function
  • provide quality assurance for professional conduct and register activities
  • take and commission reports on internal audits against policy and the development of register standards, and their alignment in to membership standards

The committee will have up to eight members, recruited by the Chair who may be a BACP or lay (non-BACP) member. Each committee member will have one equal vote.

Term of office

Committee members are appointed for up to three years. This may be extended for a further three years.

Time commitment

You must attend four committee meetings a year, always before our Board meetings, and at other times as required.

You'll also be expected to commit any additional time necessary to satisfactorily perform the duties of sitting on a governance committee.

Carrying out the role

You'll be expected to:

  • attend committee meetings fully prepared to participate and ensure key decisions are reached, having read up all the information sent out
  • participate in the committee’s performance review, and work with BACP staff to develop the committee's skills set 
  • attend BACP events, including the AGM, to promote and support the work of the committee and answer any questions members may have
  • maintain absolute confidentiality of any sensitive and confidential information you receive
  • always act in the best interests of BACP to support our charitable aims and achieve our strategic objectives
  • comply with the committee's current terms of reference
  • observe the code of conduct, policies and procedures as they relate to volunteers
  • uphold the seven principles which constitute the Charity Governance Code
    - organisational purpose
    - leadership
    - integrity
    - decision making, risk and control
    - board effectiveness
    - diversity
    - openness and accountability

Skills and abilities

You should:

  • have a good understanding of what is meant by public protections and how this applies to a regulated membership organisation
  • be aware of professional conduct processes and how they apply to members
  • be willing to devote time and effort
  • have good, independent judgement
  • be able to think creatively
  • understand the responsibilities of the position

Knowledge and experience of the third sector would be an advantage but is not essential.

You don't have to be a BACP member to apply. Members who are currently under investigation, or sanction, through our professional conduct procedure cannot apply.


There is no remuneration for this role, however we will reimburse reasonable expenses incurred in carrying out the role in line with our volunteers expenses policy.

Any other remuneration is subject to Charity Commission guidelines and approval of the Board of Governors.

To apply

Please email your CV and a detailed application letter to Barbara McLellan, Governance Manager at Or you can send it by post to BACP, BACP House, 15 St. John’s Business Park, Lutterworth, Leicestershire LE17 4HB.

For more information about the role, email or telephone 01455 883311.