This month we’re bringing you five presentations on the themes of children and young people, healthcare, trauma and more.

View clips of the presentations to get a preview of what's available in the CPD hub that have been delivered by experts in their field.

Reflective action: therapeutic responses to social disadvantage

Beverley Costa discusses The Social Response Cycle and attempts to answer the question 'What do we, as counsellors and psychological therapists, do with the concern we feel about increasing social inequalities?'

Maintaining therapeutic connectedness and continuity of care with younger clients

Anita Knight discusses how therapy for younger clients has been disrupted dramatically by Covid-19, with many children and young people unable to access counselling.

How are we doing 18+ months into Covid-19?

Hisham Ziauddeen discusses the reality of the world we have been living in for the last 18+ months and the impact it’s had on us. 

Counselling and Covid-19: challenges and opportunities in cancer services

Dervillia Kernaghan looks at how the work of Cancer Focus Northern Ireland supports the Cancer Strategy.

Moral injury: a soul wound

Alison O'Connor draws upon the findings of her Fellowship, extensive review of literature and her own therapeutic practice in this field to share with you the argument for moral injury to become part of the discourse on trauma and recovery after life-changing experiences. 

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