You can access Counselling MindEd resources free of charge on the MindEd website.

These modules were written before the publication of the 2016 Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions and are currently being reviewed. You should ensure that your practice complies with this Framework. Law and legal practices may also have changed since they were written and their content may only be relevant to England.

Counselling MindEd scoping reports

The scoping reports describe literature reviews on a particular topic and provided the evidence base for developing the Counselling MindEd curriculum and modules. These resources can be used by practitioners to supplement the Counselling MindEd e-learning.

E-learning for counsellors working with children and young people: current resources: Dr Brian Rodgers (pdf 0.8MB)

Helpful and unhelpful factors in school-based counselling: clients' perspectives: Gillian Griffiths (pdf 2MB)

International school-based counselling: Dr Belinda Harris (pdf 2.5MB)

School-based counselling in UK primary schools: Willie Thompson (pdf 3.6MB)

School-based counselling in UK secondary schools: a review and critical evaluation: Mick Cooper (pdf 2MB)

The relationship between specialist child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) and school- and community-based counselling for children and young people: Sheila Spong, Rachel Waters, Claire Dowd & Charlie Jackson (pdf 2.5MB)

Training for counselling with children and young people in the UK: Ros Sewell (pdf 2.1MB)

Voluntary and community sector (VCS) counselling provision for children, young people and young adults in England: Dr Cathy Street (pdf 2.7MB)