We’re currently reviewing our telephone and e-counselling competences and curricula.

The original framework was first published in February 2016, and since then online and phone counselling has changed markedly as technology has evolved and new platforms have been developed.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the requirement for many of our members to move to online or phone counselling emphasised to us the need for the framework and curriculum to be updated.

We’ve started a short review with the aim of publishing an updated Online and Phone Therapy Competences Framework before the end of this year. This will provide members with a more robust, interim framework to support training and practice.

We then plan to undertake an in-depth review of the evidence-base to ensure that the Online and Phone Therapy Competence Framework is underpinned by contemporary research, with a full review of the curriculum to follow.


The competence framework identifies the knowledge, skills and abilities required by practitioners who wish to work with clients via telephone and e-counselling.


The training curriculum content has been drawn from the competences, offering training providers a framework for delivering a comprehensive course. It details what is required for telephone and e-counselling, with a module-by-module guide for the programme.

The training the trainers curriculum has been developed to prepare trainers who wish to deliver the telephone and e-counselling training curriculum.

BACP competences and curricula

Our competences and curricula are based on the latest research evidence into effective practice. They can be used by practitioners, trainers, supervisors and services to ensure practitioners have the skills and knowledge needed to work in a particular setting, or with particular clients.