Here's where you can find out about current developments relating to the Ethical Framework and Good Practice in Action, and the support we can offer you when faced with an ethical challenge. We'll be updating the hub regularly with news, resources and information on the most frequent ethical issues.

Ethics support

Our ethics officers can support you in making ethical decisions autonomously by helping you to:

  • identify the areas of the Ethical Framework which may be applicable to your dilemma
  • understand and apply the principles of the Ethical Framework in practice

They cannot give advice, provide an emergency supervision service or assist with legal enquiries.

If your query relates to legal matters, you may wish to contact your legal indemnity insurers or seek independent legal advice.

To contact our ethics officers:

  • email with details of your query and your BACP membership number
  • call 01455 883300, select option 2, and leave a message to request a call-back

We aim to reply to all calls and emails within 48 hours, but at peak times, or due to staff leave, this could take up to seven working days.

This was previously known as our Ethics in Action service.

Support for supervisors

If you're a practising supervisor, our ethics consultant can support you with ethical dilemmas presented by your supervisees.

The service is by appointment only so please book your consultation.

Ethical decision making

If you are faced with an ethical dilemma, you may find the following ethical decision making model useful. Click on the image to download the pdf.

Decision-making for ethical practice:  Stop, think, identify the situation or problem  Construct a description of the situation  Consider whose ethical issue or challenge it is  Review the situation in terms of the BACP Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions  Consider principles and values of relevance to the issue  Reflect upon the relational processes that have played out in the situation  Identify what support is available  Identify an ethical goal  Consider possible courses of action to achieve the ethical goal  Implement the chosen course of action  Evaluate the outcome  Check for personal impact

Watch Tim Bond talking about the Ethical Framework and GDPR at a recent Making Connections event

Listen to the Counselling Tutor interviewing Tim Bond about the Ethical Framework.