What's included

This year's CYPF Conference will focus on the challenges and opportunities of working with neurodiversity when supporting children, young people and their families. The conference will aims to create a learning environment which enhances knowledge through research and evidence-based practice. The programme will include lived experiences to provide important insights and create a safe space to encourage reflective learning. The day will also focus on helping practitioners develop a range of skills and techniques to support the therapeutic process and explore collaborative ways of working with children, young people and their families.

The aims of the conference are to: 

  • develop knowledge, understanding and skills for working with neurodiversity
  • learn techniques to promote engagement and inclusivity
  • delegates to feel enthused and empowered to work systemically
  • develop insight into the challenges and opportunities of best practice

Included in your booking:

  • approximately 5 hours of CPD presentations
  • an on-demand service so you can catch up on the event recordings. View the content an unlimited number of times, 24 hours a day for 3 months.
  • CPD certificate download
  • selected presentation slides
  • lunch and refreshments
  • opportunity to network with peers and colleagues and through the event app


View the full CYPF conference 2024 hybrid programme 

Key information

Join us on Saturday 9 March 2023.

This event will take place at ETC Venues St Paul's, 200 Aldersgate St, Barbican, London, EC1A 4HD.

Also included in your booking, catch up on the recordings from the event from Wednesday 13 March 2024 to Thursday 13 June 2024.


See what our attendee's had to say about a previous CYPF Conference below:

A very interesting and informative selection of topics with experts in their field of work. I would definitely recommend this to colleague and all people working with young  Children.  It felt good to know I was on the right track in my counselling.

The event offered a very good insight in to areas of working with young people and children and each session is very comprehensive. It inspired my curiosity and left me wanting to learn more.

Important information

The on-demand service will be human transcribed through a reviewed process to ensure accuracy.

Event sponsorship

To find out about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Josh Reed at josh.reed@bacp.co.uk.

Please see our sponsorship and exhibitions page for more details.