The idea of integrating coaching into counselling practice is becoming increasingly popular. Where counselling is traditionally seen as therapeutic, working towards resolving emotional conflict, coaching focuses on behavioural change - with an emphasis on forward development. An approach which enables a practitioner to do both with our clients equips us with a wider range of tools, offering a more holistic way of working.

This professional development day gives participants the opportunity to consider how they might use coaching within a counselling setting in a coherent and informed way. It provides an overview of key integration models for participants to consider in the context of their own work, in order to help identify their own preferences for continued development. It also facilitates a discussion how we might practically approach integration within client sessions.

The main aims of the PDD is to

  • What? – Definitions appraising both similarities and differences between coaching and counselling
  • Why? - Explore the benefits of integrating coaching into counselling
  • How? – Review options for integration. An introduction to key theoretical models/types of how this can be done: eclecticism, single theoretical framework, fixed and open system integrations with a more in depth examination of Popovic and Jink’s Personal Consultancy framework.
  • The Pitfalls - Consider potential difficulties of integration and how to navigate them (ethics)

By the end of the PDD, you will

  • Better understand the value coaching can bring to your counselling work
  • Be more informed of the different ways you can approach integration as a practitioner and how you might do this both ethically and effectively
  • Consider your own preferences regarding integration for further exploration, with a view to identifying a plan for further personal development

This PDD is relevant to

Counsellors with a knowledge of coaching who would like to explore options for developing their integrated coach-therapist practice.  It will also appeal to counsellors interested in exploring the benefits of adding coaching to their practice.  Some knowledge of coaching would be useful, but not essential.


View the programme Integrating coaching into your counselling practice (PDF 120KB)

This workshop is split into three 45 minute sessions and each will be followed by a live Q&A session with Judith Plastow. The first session will begin at 9.30am and the event will finish 1.00pm with an extended Q&A session.

Key information

Dates and location

Join us online on Wednesday 29 January 2025 from 9.30am until 1pm.

Also included in your booking, catch up on the recordings from the event until 11.30pm, Wednesday 26 February 2025.


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