Join Sally Openshaw for a Professional Development Day to widen your knowledge and normalise the presence of erotic material in the therapy room.

This training day will aim to widen your knowledge of erotic transference and counter transference in the therapy room. Together with the presenter, you will be normalising the presence of this in your practice and participants will be encouraged to think back to past cases and share their own experiences with the group. The shared work will provide everyone with a framework to consider the erotic material developmentally and to define the function of the erotic presentation in both ourselves and in our clients. 

Specific attention will be paid to our ability to stay present with our clients, to explore and expand on the meaning behind the material in terms of relationship needs. All participants will be provided with a self- supervision set of questions to enable us to talk more freely about our thoughts, feelings, body experiences and behaviour when faced with erotic transference and counter-transference so that you can work with an increased awareness in the therapy room. 

About the presenter

Sally Openshaw is a COSRT accredited psychosexual psychotherapist and supervisor.  She has developed a specialist interest in erotic transference and countertransference and has now provided webinars across the UK, Ireland Scotland and Wales.  She will shortly become the Chair of the International Integrative Psychotherapy Association and has added in concepts from this relational and developmental approach into her teachings.  She has spoken internationally at numerous conferences and seminars on this subject and is combining this learning to produce a book on the topic.  She will share her own experiences openly, with a realness that brings a supportive understanding to this topic, and will listen and encourage you to question your own experiences to enhance the overall learning each of you will gain that attend this webinar. 


The event will take place in-person, starting at 09:30am - 4:30pm - please click the link below to view the programme.

Working with erotic transference event programme.

Who is this for?

This workshop is suitable for all therapists who are working with clients. We anticipate that some group members will have more experience than others and this will allow for greater sharing and learning in the group.

The main aims of the PDD

  • develop a greater knowledge of erotic transference and counter transference
  • provide a safe and confidential space to discuss intimate details from clinical practice
  • consider case examples within a safe group setting
  • provide a structure to use when considering this material
  • provide resources for further self-study

By the end of the PDD, participants will be able to

  • recognise and name different erotic feelings
  • normalise the presence in therapy room
  • identify ways to capture the meaning behind the erotic material
  • develop ways to self-supervise and speak to other practitioners


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We are currently searching for a venue in Birmingham, close to public transport links. Details will be added as soon as possible.