This online event hosted by the Coaching division is aimed at dual practitioners, as well as those looking to at further training to make that transition.

This event is hosted by the BACP Coaching division and will explore some key insights emerging from their qualitative research into ‘Developing a working definition of therapeutic coaching’.

This will be an interactive event, which aims to explore the implications of these insights for dual-practitioners of coaching and counselling or psychotherapy, and stakeholders of our services.

The division hope to explore the potential direction of this work when considering the development of future training, supervision, and regulatory mechanisms.

The session will also cover how therapeutic coaching can benefit clients through the use of dedicated case studies. Finally, we’ll discuss how to work with risk in therapeutic coaching relationships.

Event aims

The event aims to:

  • share key themes and insights that have emerged from research into how dual-practitioners understand and experience their integrated or combined coaching and counselling or psychotherapy practices
  • provide an understanding of how these insights are supporting the development of a definition of ‘therapeutic coaching’, and the potential implications of this for stakeholders (clients, hiring organisations, and professional bodies)
  • explore and contribute to the potential implications of this research through panel discussion
  • provide opportunities for feedback and a space to share ideas on the focus and direction of future research
  • provide an understanding, supported by collaborative discussion, of ‘working with risk’ in therapeutic coaching client relationships, and how this may be similar to, or different from, separate therapeutic or coaching relationships
  • explore how therapeutic coaching works in practice and how it can benefit clients through therapeutic coaching case studies


The Programme will be uploaded soon.

What's included

If you book to attend this event, you'll receive:

  • approximately three hours of CPD presentations
  • a CPD certificate download
  • a copy of selected presentation slides to download
  • access to the on-demand service to catch up on event recordings

Key event information

The event will take place online on Wednesday 4 September between 9:30am and 1:30pm.

Joining instructions and the event link will be sent to the email linked to your BACP account 48 hours before the event.

If you’re unable to attend on the day, all bookings include access to the on-demand service, where you can catch up on the recordings from the event as many times as you like from Thursday 5 September 2024 to Thursday 5 December 2024.

The on-demand service will be human transcribed through a reviewed process to ensure accuracy.

Event sponsorship

To find out about sponsoring this event and other opportunities, please contact Josh Reed.