‘Supervision requires additional skills and knowledge to those used for providing services directly to clients’ (Ethical Framework, Good Practice, 62).

The knowledge, skills and abilities required to deliver supervision ethically and effectively are identified in our evidence-based Supervision competence framework.

The importance and value of supervision training is supported by research which shows that supervisors who have undertaken formal training are often found to be more confident, competent and effective.

We recommend that practitioners wishing to offer supervision and develop the skills required, should do so through supervision training. This also ensures you meet your Ethical Framework commitment to ‘be competent to deliver the services being offered to at least fundamental professional standards or better’ (Good Practice, 13).

Practitioners can use the Supervision competence framework to assess their readiness for the supervisor role and to identify training needs.

The framework can also be used by existing supervisors to map their existing competence and identify any areas for further development.

Our Supervision training curriculum is underpinned by the supervision competences and is aimed at training providers who wish to deliver a comprehensive supervision training course.

Supervision training

We can't currently recommend any specific courses as we don’t have a supervision course endorsement scheme, although this is something we are exploring. We advise looking for a course that is underpinned by our Supervision competence framework or Supervision training curriculum.

There are several supervision training courses on offer across the UK. We suggest contacting your local college and university to see if they offer a validated qualification.