UKIP launched their manifesto today, Thursday 25 May, which included the following mental health pledges:

“UKIP will integrate mental health training into the teacher-training syllabus and develop a national school-based counselling strategy for England, on a par with Wales and Northern Ireland. Specialist counselling services will be available in all secondary schools.”

BACP has long campaigned for universal access to a trained school-based counsellor for all secondary schools across the UK. Despite Wales and Northern Ireland having national school-based counselling strategies, England and Scotland have yet to demonstrate a similar commitment to children’s mental wellbeing.

The UKIP manifesto also commits to:

“Cutting waiting times: The current target of eighteen weeks between referral and first appointment is far too long. 28 days should be the maximum.”

This closely mirrors BACP’s longstanding policy ask that people referred to NHS psychological therapy services should begin treatment within 28 days of referral and assessment.

We will be updating you further as the remaining parties launch their manifestos.