BACP has welcomed the announcement by NICE that it is to reopen its consultation process on depression in adults guidelines.

In a statement, NICE said its guidelines on Depression in adults: treatment and management will include updated research from July 2016 onwards, as well as new work on patient choice and a focus on shared decision making.

NICE said it was important that the final recommendations are based on the most up-to-date evidence. Additional work on will start in December 2018 with a view to final publication in December 2019.

BACP today said it was pleased by the decision.

Suky Kaur, BACP head of policy and communications, said: "We're heartened that NICE has listened to the concerns of stakeholders, including BACP, and support the decision made in their announcement that the evidence base used to underpin the depression in adults guideline needs revisiting and updating to ensure the most appropriate psychological therapies are recommended.

"We've long campaigned for an expansion in the evidence based used by NICE in guideline development and are pleased that NICE have agreed to look at the evidence again.

"This represents a real opportunity to ensure a choice of effective and evidence-based interventions is recommended and we will continue to work with NICE and others to ensure that the guideline fully reflects the breadth of research and evidence available."