Right from the start of BACP, nearly 40 years ago, there has been a passion for the value of counselling, and its potential to improve the lives of individuals and communities.

Both counsellors and coaches work with people to develop and build resilience. BACP’s division of therapeutic coaches aim to bring out the best in a person. Through coaching they help clients to develop, improve, achieve aims, learn new skills and succeed.

Coaching provides space for personal reflection, enabling clients to become more aware of their resourcefulness and strengths, improving confidence and self-esteem. Often this can help manage life changes or personal challenges, giving them a fresh perspective and enabling them to move in the direction they want.

Eve Menezes Cunningham, Chair of BACP Coaching, said: “There's been an increase in understanding around resilience and even post traumatic growth in recent years. But members of the Coaching division understand that it’s important to support clients where they are – the pace must be right for them, there is no rush or pressure to get them to see the silver lining.

“Michael J Fox is an inspirational example of turning his diagnosis into an amazing research organisation. Yet he readily talks about the years he spent wallowing before he was at the point where he could rally like that.

“Similarly, sometimes, people who've survived painful experiences can be afraid to revisit the past and coaching can really help resource them to build on the present, the fact that they have survived and can thrive.”

Depending on where the client is in their journey and what they want to focus on, BACP Coaching members can work with the wounding and the potential. Supporting clients with the surviving and the thriving is of vital importance - not just during Mental Health Awareness Week - but all year round.

To find a member of the BACP Coaching division in your area, see our Therapists directory

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