We've now completed the 2017 review of the Ethical Framework. We'd like to thank members for all their support and feedback. This has proved vital in ensuring that the Ethical Framework supports you in the best ways possible.

We've analysed your feedback, along with enquiries to the Ethics in Action service, a member survey, annual monitoring reports from BACP accredited courses, data from an online non-BACP conference on the Ethical Framework, and made changes to the text. We've also made updates to incorporate the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The main changes include:

  • counselling skills are now included under 'therapeutically informed services'
  • the Commitments section expands on the importance of providing an appropriate standard of service
  • the Ethics section has updated wording on candour
  • the Good Practice section is updated to ensure members work in accordance with GDPR
  • new points are included about gender identity and sexual orientation
  • working with children and young people has been expanded
  • relationships with former clients has been expanded
  • new sections are included on breaks and endings, confidentiality, working within teams and responsibilities of trainees
  • the supervision wording is updated to ensure that there is a shared responsibility offered to clients between trainers, placement providers and trainees in respect of providing services that meet professional standards
  • record keeping has been updated in line with new data protection requirements, including the need for supervisors to keep records
  • supervisees also now have a responsibility for openness and honesty

We've updated the Glossary, so you can check on the meaning of terms as they are used within the Ethical Framework. We've also produced a one sheet Our commitment document which provides a useful summary of the whole Ethical Framework to give to clients.

You can download all these documents from Introducing the new Ethical Framework 2018 so you can familiarise yourself with the changes before 1 July 2018.

We're now in the process of updating all the supplementary guidance (Good Practice in Action resources) and have commissioned a new legal resource on data protection (GDPR) which will be published as soon as the Information Commissioner releases all the necessary guidance.

If you'd like to provide further feedback for inclusion in the next review, please email us at efnew@bacp.co.uk.