People feeling lonely or spending Christmas Day alone can find company thanks to a campaign on social media by Sarah Millican.

The comedian and TV personality has established a Twitter movement over the last few years to bring people together under the hashtag #JoinIn.

Sarah said: “It started because I’m a big softie and can’t bear the thought of people being alone on Christmas Day.

“And I don’t mean those who choose to be alone. Good for them. They like being alone, they want it, they have a smashing time.

“This is not for them. This is for those who don’t chose to be alone, but who are, for some reason, on their tod/bob/lonesome

“Be it because they have no family, are estranged from their family, it’s not their turn to have the kids, even just that their partner is at work, whatever.

“Alone and would rather not be. This is who #joinin is for,” she told Standard Issue magazine.

By using the hashtag #JoinIn people can join an online community, get involved in conversations or just read other people’s posts.

Sarah, who hosted  the BBC's Live At The Apollo Christmas Special, said: “Just loads of nice people chatting with me and then each other,” said Sarah, who goes by @sarahmillican75 on Twitter. “As soon as I see conversations start without including me, my heart fills with warmth and I know it’s working.

“Plus, if you’re chatting online rather than in person, you don’t have to hoover or wear a bra and you can eat that whole profiterole pyramid you bought or just always have cheese in your hand,” she added.