The counselling and psychotherapy profession has an important role to play in addressing the country’s mental health crisis, BACP says.

To that end, BACP has joined British Psychoanalytic Council and UK Council for Psychotherapy in writing a letter to The Guardian newspaper to highlight our joint work on a new competence framework.

The letter, which was published this weekend, has been co-signed by BACP chief executive Hadyn Williams; Gary Fereday, British Psychoanalytic Council chief executive and Sarah Niblock, UK Council for Psychotherapy chief executive.

It highlights the Scope of Practice and Education for the counselling and psychotherapy professions (SCoPEd), a collaborative project which will enable the three leading regulatory bodies for the counselling and psychotherapy profession to produce a common, evidence-based competence framework.

The letter states: “We are committed to ensuring that those who need it are able to access quality services that can address their needs.

“We want to ensure that a range of evidence-based treatments are made available so that people can access the best treatment according to their needs.”

Read the letter in full.