The launch of our new website is a significant event in BACP's development. Our new site allows us to support our members more effectively and better promote the benefits of counselling to the public. It also carries our fresh new look, which encapsulates all we believe in - that counselling changes lives for people throughout their entire life journey.

For 40 years we've worked hard to promote the counselling professions as viable, evidence-based approaches for people experiencing mental health distress. At the core of our strategy, which is rooted in social justice, is the fact that counselling changes lives - for young and old, for people from diverse backgrounds, based on the principle of choice. Our website will help us promote this message through improved engagement with the public, our members, policy makers, commissioners and the media.

What you see here is the tip of an iceberg - behind the scenes we've updated our entire technology infrastructure. This will allow us to roll out further changes throughout the rest of the year so that we can do more for you each step of the way. Please be patient with us while we turn on more and more features over the coming months, and keep talking to us about what you like, and what we could do differently.

There's a range of information and guidance to support you as you begin to explore BACP's new online home. You can find out more about our website and give us your feedback, or learn more about our identity and the new look we began using last year. 

If you have a listing on our therapist directory, discover how the directory has changed and get extra guidance on making the most of your directory listing.

The Association is changing and this launch represents an important step in that process.