Following criticisms of its draft plan, published in March 2018, the Scottish Government today set a target of a 20% reduction in the country's suicide rate by 2022.

Many of our members in Scotland are involved in supporting vulnerable people who have attempted or are at risk of suicide, while others are working with families of those who have lost loved ones to suicide. We responded to the draft strategy earlier this year on their behalf.

BACP Four Nations lead Steve Mulligan says: “We welcome the Scottish Government’s new suicide prevention plan, published today by Clare Haughey MSP, Scotland’s new Mental Health Minister.

"We are delighted by its ambitious objective and its intent to establish a new National Suicide Prevention Leadership Group (NSPLG) to ensure this remains top of the Government’s agenda. 

“The Government’s renewed focus and commitment to providing timely and effective support for all those affected by suicide, will provide much needed support for those individuals and families affected by suicide in Scotland. 

“Counselling has an important role to play in supporting people who self-harm, experience mild depression or bereavement, preventing escalation. 

“We’re keen to work with Scottish Government and partners to develop the proposed Scottish Crisis Care Agreement, ensuring it provides effective and timely therapeutic interventions for those who need them.”

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