BACP member Karin Sieger launches a new radio programme this weekend which will discuss topics around mental health and wellbeing.

The programme is called Soul Cravings and will be broadcast on Peace Within Radio this Saturday at 2pm with repeats at 2am, 6am, 10am and 8pm.

Karin Sieger has a new radio programme Soul Cravings which aims to "make mental health problems more accessible and less frightening".

“The first show will explain what people can expect,” said Karin, a London-based psychotherapist who specialises in support with life transitions, anxiety, grief and the emotional impact of life-changing illnesses, especially cancer.

“The shows are based on specific topics. One is looking at turning hopelessness into hope, one is about coping with loss and grief, one coming up will be about coping with regrets.

“The idea is that people will be able to write in with questions, which I will pick up in forthcoming programmes.

“And I am going to do a weekly show which will be cancer-specific, for people affected by cancer.”

Peace Within Radio describes itself as “an encouraging voice when the inner voice is painful”. It brings together music, podcasts, talks, interviews and positive news “to remind us we are not alone”.

Karin has already recorded her first couple of programmes ahead of their broadcast, and says it was an enjoyable experience.

“It was quite a steep learning curve in terms of confidence, technology and listening to your own voice, she said.

“You have to get your head around editing and sound quality, and keep in mind where the listener will listen and how they will listen in terms of how you pitch it.

“I tried to make it conversational and I included personal experience in there. It’s intended to help people identify a lot more and make mental health problems more accessible and less frightening.”

She added: “You have a bit of butterflies, but that’s to be expected. It’s a good sign. It shows that we can all make new things happen.

“We can all stretch that comfort zone. Even if it’s uncomfortable it can be fun, and it can be of use to yourself and to others.”