BACP member Jane Thoy is organising a workshop for hairdressers and beauticians to learn how to help clients who might need support, particularly those experiencing domestic abuse.

Jane set up the event after hearing about mother-of-two Kerri MCAuley, who confided in her hairdresser about her abusive boyfriend weeks before her death in early 2017.

Now Jane hopes to help hairdressers and beauticians spot signs of domestic abuse.

Jane Thoy is inviting hairdressers and beauticians to a free information evening to learn how to help clients who may be victims of domestic violence and abuse

Jane said: “Many people visit the same hairdresser or beautician on a regular basis and over time, develop a trusting relationship. This allows them to actually disclose difficulties or at least give away indicators that something untoward is happening in a relationship.

"It's these open invitations that we need to recognise."

"The information evening, hopefully the first of a number of community events, will help attendees to recognise the signs and give them the confidence to respond in a sensitive and appropriate way. This may include encouraging the client to feel comfortable to say more and to think about contacting specialist local support services.

“It’s about getting the conversations going. Whatever is learnt can also be applied in personal social lives too. This abuse goes under the radar too easily.”

Jane is a counsellor and freelance trainer based in Ilkley in West Yorkshire. She specialises in working with victims and survivors of domestic violence.

The two-hour workshop starts at 6.30pm on Tuesday, May 21 at Ilkley Moor Vaults. Admission is free with a ticket which can be obtained by emailing