Meet the man who is working to improve employment opportunities for BACP members.

Kris Ambler is our new workforce lead. His role is to ensure that the counselling and psychotherapy workforce is better equipped to respond to challenges and make the most of opportunities arising within a changing external landscape.

Kris’s two-year Workforce Employment Strategy focuses on building stronger links across the employment sectors, widening access to employment opportunities and developing both the capacity and skills of members.

He’ll be working across the four nations to engage with a range of stakeholders, including employers and employer representative groups, with a view to promoting the workforce and the many benefits of workplace counselling.

One of the key issues Kris is working on is to develop awareness among commissioners, employers and politicians that BACP has a highly qualified workforce of professional counsellors who are ready to help tackle some of society's biggest challenges.

He said: Whether it’s dealing with the uncertainty caused by Brexit, the impact of welfare reform, devastating traumatic events or pressures of modern living, talking therapies can play a crucial role in helping save lives.

“There is a growing recognition within the public sphere about mental health, and this can only be a good thing if we want to promote the value of counselling and psychotherapy.

Paid employment opportunities

“That’s part of what my role is about of course, but more importantly it ensures that interest translates to more paid employment opportunities for our members.

“I also want to bring employers, employer groups and other representative bodies closer to the workforce – to highlight the value of therapy in the workplace."

In addition to this he will be developing an online member support hub, full of useful information, best practice and guidance for those working in a range of settings, whether that’s private practice, coaching or within businesses.

Voice of members

Kris added: “I’m committed to including the voice of members within this work, for me it absolutely has to be a collaborative project to secure the very best outcomes for professionals.

“My hope is that over the coming months and years the work will grow and develop into something BACP and our members can be proud of.”

Before joining BACP, Kris managed an advice charity that sought to help people with mental health issues access financial advice and support. 

He has worked across the public, private and third sections, in education, research consultancy and business development.