A team of specialists from BACP met representatives from the Scottish government to advise on how its commitment to put counsellors in all secondary schools should be implemented.  

In September, the Scottish Government announced it will invest £80 million over the next four years in providing counsellors in education, including £60 million to fund counsellors in all secondary schools.

At a meeting this week, government officials ran through all the elements of the investment principals with our representatives.

We advised on a range of issues, including: how to identify counsellors to work with; what qualifications are needed by counsellors working in schools; what training could be provided to help fill gaps in provision; how to ensure attractive pay and conditions for staff and how the programme should be evaluated.

We are committed to supporting and advising Scottish Government throughout the critical implementation process.

Steve Mulligan, BACP's Four Nations Lead said:

“We were delighted to celebrate the investment in school counselling last year  following a decade of campaigning by BACP in Scotland. 

"This was just the first step on a journey to ensure fair access to counselling for all young people across the nation.

"We are delighted to have been asked by Scottish Government to advise them on an ongoing basis to ensure that this investment provides maximum benefit to  Scotland's vulnerable  young people and ensuring they can get appropriate mental health support much earlier". 

BACP's Steve Mulligan,  Jo Holmes, Fiona Ballantine Dykes and Caroline Jesper.

BACP's Steve Mulligan, Jo Holmes, Fiona Ballantine Dykes and Caroline Jesper.