We’re pleased to announce that two new members have been recruited to the SCoPEd Expert Reference Group.

BACP member Ani de la Prida and Brinley Yare, a member of UKCP, have been recruited to the ERG following member feedback from the SCoPEd consultation.

Ani, a BACP member, is a person-centred therapist, a qualified lecturer and has taught and trained counsellors for more than 15 years at colleges, universities and privately.

A university course leader for seven years, she has developed university training courses, and peer-assessed courses.

Ani has been a university external examiner, and an examiner with two further education awarding bodies for counselling courses.

She has practised in schools, charities, addiction programmes, with the probation, fire and police services, and in private practice. 

Ani said: “I am very excited and looking forward to working with the SCoPEd team.

“I am aware of the criticisms of the project, in fact I am a critical voice myself, which is why I applied to be part of the project.

“I have been passionately and actively person-centred for many years and I think it is important that all modalities are accurately represented and valued in the framework.

“I am currently working on BACP paper which relates the most recent research findings to good practice, and I applied because I wanted to be able to contribute these findings to the framework. 

“Personally, I am also concerned about what I see as a growing tribalism and lack of understanding within counselling and psychotherapy about what we do and why we do it.

“We are skilled professionals and specialists in helping people heal emotional and mental health issues, but I don’t think that we are always recognised as such, particularly among other professionals.

“I believe we have an opportunity with the SCoPEd project to create a framework that is genuinely inclusive, from which we can further develop good practice, training and our professional standing so that the work we do is properly recognised as a profession and is not devalued by other professions and funding bodies. I hope that I can help that happen.”

We are very glad to have Ani and Brinley on board as part of the ERG and welcome their contribution to the developing work and to address the issues that have given rise to member criticism.

The decision to widen the ERG was in direct response to member feedback. We will continue to listen and consult with you, our members, as this work develops.