We are looking to explore how we can create a clearer voice for the counselling and psychotherapy professions in political debate.

One way of doing this is by encouraging the creation of an All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), which we could help to advise.

APPGs are informal cross-party groups. They are run by and for members of the Commons and Lords, though many choose to involve individuals and organisations from outside Parliament in their administration and activities.

Dr Hadyn Williams, Chief Executive Officer of BACP, said: “We think it is really important that our professions are represented in the political arena.

“The creation of an APPG is a real opportunity to get our professions heard at the highest political level. We’re really hopeful that parliamentarians will create a group, and of course we’d be keen to encourage this, and engage with it for the benefit of members, the professions and the public.

“We have 49,000 skilled counsellors and psychotherapists that could and should play a leading role in helping the public with their wellbeing. We know that counselling changes lives and BACP is committed to doing everything it can to promote this message in every arena, including politics.”