MBACP member Becky Wright says it was "an honour" for her training, counselling and coaching company to receive an award for innovation in business.

Becky, founder of New Leaf Life Design, was recognised for changing the leadership of the organisation to make it more inclusive and collaborative.

Becky said: “We have been close to winning awards for our work before but this time we knew we had something special to shout about.”

She said the change of approach was an opportunity to increase the strength and sustainability of the company, which is based in Bridgwater in Somerset.

Becky received her award from Lord Triesman, the former FA chairman and ex-general secretary of the Labour Party, at the Sedgemoor Business Excellence Awards.

“It was such an honour,” Becky said.

She added: “This was a truly exciting, but sometimes scary journey to make.

“We have achieved a self-managing structure, so we don’t have a hierarchy in the conventional sense, but a far more fluid system.

“This allows the people, who make up the heart of the company, to be themselves and work towards a shared purpose beyond that of competition.

“Once you begin to think about how you can do things differently, your perception changes. Yes, there is still ambition, but it is not the destructive driver it can be, instead it is replaced by cared for and shared challenges.

“Since adopting this approach, we are engaging with more and more businesses who value the way we work.

“Our work is bringing greater satisfaction to the team and we are enjoying the new-found freedom that comes with losing the shackles of traditional management and embracing the fresh and free thinking that has become our new driver.”