In the second of our features on older people’s experiences of therapy, we meet Sheila, who says she has become happier and more confident following counselling.

The 74-year-old had been in a low mood for around six months, making her feel that her life was “almost unbearable”.

Sheila turned to Lifelink after being advised to see a counsellor by her GP and further encouraged by the positive recommendation of a friend.

“In general, I am a much happier person,” she tells us in an audio interview. “I have got more confidence in myself.

“I just feel I should have done it sooner. I thought ‘I don’t need help, I don’t really want to get help’, but I bit the bullet and it is much better now.”

Hear our interview with Sheila.

And watch our first feature on older people's experiences of therapy, an interview with Rose, 61, and Lifelink’s chief executive Jacqui Taylor.

If you'd like to speak to a BACP counsellor or psychotherapist, see How to find a therapist.