The work of a counselling service during the coronavirus lockdown is being supported by donations from the sale of face coverings.

Our member Glenda Roberts welcomed the contributions which are helping to subsidise the cost of therapy for people at the Just Talk 2019 service in Suffolk.

“It’s fantastic and so much appreciated,” said Glenda. “Our bridge fund needs continuous donations, so that we can continue to offer affordable counselling to those that need it.

“We’re always looking for ways to help fund therapy and this is perfect.”

The donations are courtesy of Kerry Gooden, who is an anxiety coach and placement manager alongside Kay Bedwell at Just Talk 2019.

Kerry makes the face coverings herself and donates £1 from each one sold to the service.

“As someone who has suffered from anxiety myself, this is very close to my heart,” Kerry said.

“Sometimes, people might feel they can’t get counselling unless they go on the NHS waiting list, so having this service in the community lets people know they can get the help they need and get it quickly,” she told the Suffolk Free Press newspaper.

Glenda added: “It’s great that people are thinking of others at this difficult time and of their mental wellbeing. This is a fantastic idea which is helping a lot of people.”

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Picture caption: Front row l-r: Kay Bedwell, Kerry Gooden, Glenda Roberts

Back row: Sharon Kendall, Tania Lindsey Smith, Val Robbens