There is still time to book your place on our free online research event this weekend.

Our 25th annual Research Conference was due to take place in Bristol but was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It has been replaced by our online event Keeping clients at the centre, which takes place on Saturday (May 16).

Keynote speaker Dr Nick Midgley, of University College London, will be talking on What can therapists learn from a randomised controlled trial? The case of the IMPACT study.


You’ll be able to watch the latest presentations on the topic and webcast discussions on how your practice can benefit from the latest research.

You can network with other practitioners in our chatroom and submit questions to our webcast hosts, Alistair Ross and Faisal Mahmood. You'll also be able to download a CPD certificate and selected presentation slides.

An on-demand service will run from 5pm on Saturday until the end of August.

You can view the content an unlimited number of times, 24 hours a day during the on-demand service, which will be fully subtitled.

Find out more, including how to book your place for free.

You can access an exhibition of posters submitted for our Research Conference, which showcase a range of new ideas in counselling and psychotherapy research.

You'll be able to access the exhibition from 15 May 2020 to 31 August.


You can also explore a collection of papers from counselling and psychotherapy research focusing on clients’ experiences and perspectives on research.

All articles will be free to view from 15 to 30 May.

Meanwhile, the counselling and psychotherapy postgraduate researcher (PGR) forum is live from 5pm to 7pm on Friday (May 15) and aims to bring together people considering a PhD with those who are doing or have recently completed one.

Presenters will talk about their PGR experience, such as things that have been particularly challenging and helpful, or their current concerns.

There will also be interactive sections when attendees can pose questions and contribute their own thoughts.

We hope the forum will identify important issues and provide action points for ongoing support for counselling and psychotherapy PGRs.

Please email if you're interested in joining us.