Explore the impact of Covid-19 on bereavement, grief and loss with our FREE online resources.

Andy Langford, Julia Samuel and Dr Paquita De Zulueta discuss working with bereavement and complex grief in our webinar, which is available now.

Andy is chief operating officer at Cruse Bereavement Care; Julia is our Vice President and has more than 30 years’ experience working as a bereavement psychotherapist in a range of settings; and Paquita is a General Practitioner and CBT therapist incorporating mindfulness and compassion focussed therapy.

They discuss how the pandemic, and the limitations to our day to day interactions, impact people who are bereaved and what it means for therapists who may be asked to work with these issues.

We’ve also worked with Cruse Bereavement Care to produce a joint briefing which considers the experiences of bereavement and the importance of structured community-based support in meeting the needs of people who have been bereaved. Access the briefing here.

More than 3,300 delegates joined the live webinar stream when it was broadcast. Now it’s available to watch again for free via our Covid-19 guidance and resources for members page.

The resource will help you:

  • explore key concepts relating to complex grief and bereavement in the context of traumatic loss and critical incidents
  • understand how experiencing a bereavement during a pandemic might impact upon a client and how this may present during therapy
  • consider the skills and knowledge required to work with a client who is experiencing complex grief
  • steps you can take if an existing client experiences a bereavement and you do not feel competent to work with the subject matter
  • acknowledge the importance of self-care when working with complex grief and how this can be maintained during the pandemic