Ryan struggled to cope after his friend died. The 14-year-old found it hard to concentrate in lessons and ended up taking time off school.

He began to see a BACP-registered counsellor from TIC+, a service that offers counselling for children and young people in Gloucestershire, including in schools.

And Ryan described how speaking a counsellor had an immediate impact for him.

“My first session was quite good because I got a lot off my shoulders. I felt more confident straight away. I knew I wanted to go back because he helped me a lot.”

He continued to see the counsellor, who also helped him find coping strategies and breathing techniques.

Ryan added: “I could tell him about anything that would happen and he'd listen to me.

 “Now I'm much more confident. I could do things which I didn't think I could do when I had that pressure on me.”

Watch Ryan talk about how his counsellor helped him.