In February, we announced that we’d be holding a number of listening workshops throughout 2021, each on a different theme. 

These workshops give you the opportunity to engage with us around some important areas of our work.

So far, we’ve held three listening workshops on the themes of championing members through our policy and campaigning work (policy), making research work for members (research) and creating a supportive member experience (member experience).

Your feedback

After each listening workshop we asked attendees to complete a survey, providing feedback on their experience of the events and how we might improve these workshops going forward. Surveys are also made available to members who watch a listening workshop on-demand via the pages above.

Overall, members agreed or strongly agreed that the content of our first three workshops was good – policy (80%), research (72%) and member experience (54%). Members also agreed or strongly agreed that the length of the workshop was good – policy (78%), research (74%) and member experience (71%).

Respondents felt very engaged or extremely engaged during the policy (67%) and research (59%) listening workshops but less so during the member experience listening workshop.

Most members agreed or strongly agreed that the workshops felt relevant to their practice – policy (72%), research (69%) and member experience (56%).

We also saw that many members agreed or strongly agreed that the listening workshops had helped them to feel valued as a member and added value to their membership – policy (63%), research (56%) and member experience (48%).

Although most members agreed or strongly agreed that the policy (57%) and research (50%) workshops helped them to feel listened to as a member, some members strongly disagreed that the member experience (26%) workshop helped them to feel listened to.

Listening to you

We asked attendees to comment on how we could improve the listening workshops. While most feedback has been largely positive, some members felt that our panels haven’t always engaged or interacted with attendees as much as we might, that we haven’t answered every question submitted and that at times, panel responses felt rehearsed.

In response to this feedback, we’ve been fortunate enough to receive a plethora of questions in advance of each of our three workshops. In light of this, we’ve taken the opportunity to carefully consider our responses in advance and have dedicated a significant portion of the live sessions to answering these questions in the first instance.

However, we recognise there's room for improvement. We’re absolutely committed to taking the feedback on board and will be looking at ways to ensure a better balance between responding to pre-submitted and live questions at each of our future events. We also hope to interact more actively with attendees in the chat room, providing responses with further information, support and links to guidance wherever relevant to the discussions.

We’d like to thank everybody again for joining the events so far, and for responding to our survey with your feedback. We’ve been so pleased with the uptake of these events and are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our future workshops.

Future workshops 

Spaces are available for the following workshops:

Creating a thriving profession through shared standards – Friday 23 July, 11am – 12noon
Communicating effectively with our members – Friday 27 August, 11am – 12noon

Our ensuring a diverse, inclusive and equitable culture for all workshop on Friday 25 June is now fully booked, but you’ll be able to watch it on-demand after the event.