The Care Workers’ Charity is offering free counselling to care workers to support their mental health.

The charity has launched its Mental Health Support Programme in response to the crisis of mental ill-health faced by the UK’s social care workforce.

We worked with the Care Workers’ Charity to help shape the programme, which will provide up to 10 therapy sessions with a qualified BACP-registered therapist through Red Umbrella, a specialist mental health organisation.


The cost of all the sessions will be paid for by The Care Workers’ Charity and will help care workers’ better cope with the challenges they are facing.

Karolina Gerlich, executive director of The Care Workers’ Charity said: “Everyday care workers go above and beyond to provide much needed support – this has been especially true during the pandemic, which has put their mental health under additional strain.

“Our Mental Health Support Programme aims to bridge the shortfall in mental health resources for those working in the social care sector.”

Kris Ambler, our Workforce Lead, said: “Providing services of this kind are often complex and require the need to satisfy a number of stakeholders, including funders, trustees and service users

“We were therefore delighted to be able to help The Care Workers Charity shape their service offer, working with them to determine what would best serve their needs and the needs of care workers.”

BACP therapists

Red Umbrella, the organisation appointed to deliver this support, employs only BACP registered and accredited therapists.

Director Tim Ladd said: “We’re currently recruiting BACP therapists all over the country and, as we expand, will be able to employ many more.

“We’re keen to offer services that are as inclusive as possible, so we’re always happy to hear from qualified therapists that speak other languages.”

For more information contact Kris Ambler, BACP Workforce Lead