Our members have been speaking to the media on a range of subjects, including the new COVID-19 variant, money issues and mental health, and pet bereavement.

Lina Mookerjee spoke to the Press Association (PA) for an article that was syndicated across the regional press about coping with the mental health impact of the new Omicron variant.

Philip Karahassan and Matt Wotton also spoke to PA for a syndicated article, this time about how money issues can impact on mental health.

Kemi Omijeh spoke to PA about how to call out bad behaviour online for Social Media Kindness Day, and Louise Tyler, about how to improve perseverance and tenacity.

Kemi also spoke to the Daily Telegraph about family relationships and therapy following the release of Adele’s latest album.

Emma West contributed to an anti-ableist guide to dating feature in Cosmopolitan.

The Huff Post interviewed Anjula Mutanda about why hangovers exacerbate the bad feelings we experience, and Nicola Vanlint about the impact the pandemic has had on friendships. The Huff Post also spoke to Paul Mollitt about the emotional impact on a sibling when their brothers or sisters leave home.

Andrew Harvey contributed to a piece for the Daily Mail on shopping and compulsivity, while Ruth Micallef shared her expertise with Pick Me Up magazine for an article about eating disorders.

Glenda Roberts discussed pet bereavement counselling with Your Cat magazine for a feature marking National Grief Awareness Week, and Cate Campbell spoke to Prima magazine about how to face winter with a smile.