Imelda May has spoken about the “amazing” impact counselling has had on her life.

The singer-songwriter, musician and poet said counselling makes her feel liberated and was something she wished she’d done sooner.


“Counselling is amazing,” said Imelda, who earlier this year released her sixth studio album, 11 Past the Hour.

“I actually see loads of people that need it, now, where I wouldn’t have recognised that before.

"You think ‘would you not try counselling?’.

“It’s worked so well for so many people and when it does, you just want to share that with other people.


“I’m a massive advocate of it.”

Speaking with host Kate Thornton on the White Wine Question Time podcast, Imelda said she’s learned a lot about herself through counselling.

“I think that’s amazing when you do learn to like yourself, there’s a freedom to that. There’s a liberation.

“There’s loads of things that I’ve learned, and I’m still learning. That’s my thing, I can’t stop learning.

“I want to know everything, I want to know it now. My brain fizzes. I’m constantly going and it’s exhausting.”