We’re very pleased to announce that we’ve just welcomed our 60,000th member.

We’ve seen our membership continue to grow during a very turbulent two years, and your commitment to supporting your clients throughout this time has been nothing short of inspiring.

We’re proud to work on your behalf.

Our 60,000th member is Michelle Williams, a former teacher from Rotherham, who is studying an MA in Integrative Counselling at Leeds Beckett University.

Michelle said: “I was a teacher for 20 years and right from the start I knew that mental health was one of the big issues that was affecting students’ achievement. I knew there were huge gaps in provision. As my career progressed, I became pastoral lead of the sixth form. It really clicked that actually this was what I wanted to do. I realised I wanted to become a counsellor.

“I’m on the second year of my three year journey to train now and I know I want to work in schools. After being a teacher, I really want to work with teachers and with counselling adults as well.

“I joined BACP as I really felt it was a body that is very serious about its work and really striving for professionalism in therapy. I think it will help me to be an ethical practitioner and it will provide me with support.”


Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

We’re pleased to support all of you in your day to day work and careers, including through our evolving range of member benefits.

Or whether it’s campaigning to Parliament on the topics that matter to you, championing your skills to employers or raising the profile of therapy and your expertise in the media.

As 2021 draws to a close, we’re excited about our plans for the next year and the benefits they’ll bring to our members.

We’ll be offering new networking opportunities on our soon-to-be-launched Communities of Practice platform, introducing a range of new member resources, revamping the BACP website and much more.

Hadyn Williams, our Chief Executive Officer said:

“We’re honoured to support all of you in your commitment to change your clients’ lives for the better.

“Seeing our membership increase to 60,000 is an achievement of which we’re hugely proud and has given us even more energy and inspiration to deliver the very best membership experience for you all.

“The size of our membership enables us to have an even stronger and more potent voice to champion counselling and psychotherapy as a major agent of change across our diverse communities.

“Whether you’re a trainee, newly registered member, or have been in practice for many years - we’re always working on your behalf.”

Read more about how to get the most from your BACP membership on our member benefits webpage