Last year we told you about our commitment to listen better to our members throughout 2021 and beyond. This promise is in line with our strategic goals and we want to make sure we understand what matters to you, what we can do to support your needs and what changes you’d like to see from us as your Association.

We’ve been working over the last few months to ensure we have the mechanisms in place to do this better and we’re delighted to be able share our new listening pages with you so you can keep up to date with this work.

Listening workshops

We’re excited to launch a series of listening workshops. Each session will focus on a key subject that's important to you and we’ll be inviting your questions and feedback. The sessions are free to attend and will happen every month throughout 2021.

The workshops will start in March with a session on 'Championing members through our policy and campaign work'. Further events are arranged on our research work and the member experience, with sessions on equality, diversity and inclusion, professional standards and SCoPEd, member engagement and accreditation to follow later in the year.

Visit our Listening workshops page to find out more and book your place.

Chelsea Shelley

"I’m pleased to introduce our listening pages which aim to help us listen better to our members.

"This is such a crucial area of work for us and your continued feedback will help us to become the Association we want to be. Of course, it will be a challenge to listen to 56,000 members who all have important views and different needs, but we’re committed to trying to do better. 

"Please visit our listening pages regularly to read our latest updates and find out how you can get involved."

Chelsea Shelley, Chief Operations and Membership Officer

Listening email

We’ve set up a dedicated listening email address to encourage you to send your feedback directly to us.

Please write to with any comments and suggestions you might have about any aspect of your membership. Your feedback will be crucial to shaping the work we do and letting us know how to support you better.

You can help us to shape future listening workshops by sharing your suggestions and feedback.

Listening group

To allow us to act on your feedback, we’ve set up an internal listening group which includes staff from all departments at BACP.

This group will continually review your feedback and explore ways we can have more of a two-way dialogue with you, as well looking at how we can incorporate your feedback into the way we work.

Get involved

You can book for the first listening workshop now, or send us your comments and suggestions to

We want to know more about the things you want to discuss so we can begin to take on your suggestions and ideas. We want to be as transparent as possible in our approach to listening so please get in touch so we can start to make this happen.